Smart 1 SUV

  Smart brand, which produces and sells under Mercedes, has released its electric model. The new Smart 1 is available in the electric crossover B SUV class. Let's get to know this vehicle, which forced Smart's mini design due to its SUV character and came with a larger body. Smart is developed and served as a product of the partnership between Mercedes-Benz and Geely. This brand, which has been working hard to keep up with E-Mobility, came up with the new Smart 1. This vehicle, which is dominated by soft and rounded lines, has very assertive values in terms of power and consumption. When we look at the technical data of the Electric Smart 1; This vehicle, which has a length of 4270 mm, a wheelbase of 2750 mm, a width of 1822 mm and a height of 1636 mm, walks with an curb weight of 1820 kg. Such a heavy body is of course due to the batteries that feed the electric motors. Smart 1,2 with a 66 kWh battery produces considerable power such as 272 ps and 268 horsepower. A